The small business field has come out in the 21st century like the Big Bang.  It’s been recast in tech-driven, tech-intensive settings, lead by a new-old category called the startup. Online staffing or a virtual team has become key to faster deliveries, reduced costs, and globalisation as a means for making more profit.

It takes more than knowing how you can scale to be successful however. The imperatives still remain within the well-defined path of established business standards. A well-planned strategy, committed personnel and well-received products and services are ran through the background of factors, tangible and intangible. The marks of a well-run business therefore remain the same. 

You need to stand and deliver in the first years to be able to look beyond them.

Knowing the tools you need, gathering them up, and setting them up is basic. Getting these to work requires choosing your people carefully, those who will handle the tools. Coordination and workability develops only through time, and rushing these make many a startup stumble and fall.

Tools are only as good as how your people are able to bond and work for direction, for a cause, after which they begin to play their roles and execute their responsibilities well enough to make a real difference. This takes about a year to do, give or take a few months.

Modern business tools say that you should have people who basically understand your business and your goals. These tools are truly fast-working in the right hands. That year ideally brings you to the watershed if your vision is workable and whether you chose the right team. This team usually works with an online staffing approach.

After which comes the longer grind. You don’t shortcut the development period, whether two years or five, because it is foundational, and it should be good enough to carry you forward.

Scaling is for those who dare and those who work in the most practical terms.

You will find this contradictory statement logical after reading the above. The business world is more filled with examples of failures than success. Practical scalability today is not a given for even the most well-prepared and well-equipped.

Experience is something that will work wonders when it kicks in during and after preparations, equipment-buying, and training programs. Your core team, or any team for that matter, should ideally have this sort of experience, too, the one that ranges from the marrow to the heights of achievement.

This means that the daring we are talking about is actually experienced-based. You dare because you know how it works or how it can work. And this way is often so practical that it can bring on immediate change in status in positive terms as soon as it is implemented.

This is how scaling is workable. And it’s ultimately people-based. It can be about how choosing the right virtual assistants may help you scale, in other words.

There is probably no better means to scale today than hiring professional, highly-qualified virtual teams to efficiently run things like CRM, services programs, payroll, accounting, tech or automation, and digital or social media marketing. Outsourcing and finding these teams offshore also mean significant cuts on your budget so that your expenditure on things you outsource remain that of a smallish business, even after you scale or globalise.

All of the preceding leads to how the latest developments in online business can work for you.

First of the said developments would of course be the internet and its resources: so many apps to choose from, so many speedy platforms and contraptions you can have for your business. Don’t let these make your head spin the wrong way.

Again, these are only as good as the people who handle them. This is, to borrow a Las Vegas casino term, the “house vigorish” that Smart Online Staff has, meaning the advantage built into our way of doing business. And it is not about how fast we can put up teams, how many personnel we can drag into the fray, or taking on any likely client  who calls us up.

No, it is about building up to last and choosing clients who fit our services and our vision. Then we get virtual assistants who are genuine, have CVs that speak of the experience we are looking for, and we will match these closely to your needs. If we get a likely fit, we don’t stop; we look for better candidates, those who truly hit the mark. Shortcuts are not allowed so we can maintain hire quality at optimum.

Of course, we can build virtual teams fast, as fast as the speediest outfits out there…or faster.  But our vision creates vigorish that is diametrically opposite to the Las Vegas vision of gambles and fast money, no matter how these may seem to be the things people expect digital resources to provide, or what people on the internet could make for them.

Experience tells us how the latest developments in business process have proved that the fundamentals of good, honest, hard working business make things work.

Our online staffing formula, because it is the most accessible thing, can help make the difference for you.

When you get to talk to us, you will find that details always adhere to the basic program. This program runs with integrity and full accountability through all phases of negotiations and eventual work accomplished.

Our purposeful use of tech resources means years of use, mastery and performance-based knowledge in any business terrain. Thus resources are deployed with a mastery that wills them to compete in the forefront of 21st century business.

Our online staffing work is infused with industry. It means resourcefulness and initiative that are focused on achieving bottomline results, first and foremost — a rigorous discipline that makes the most of your time and resources.

We live virtual office practice in the old-fashioned, ethical way of good business. That makes us capable of making fast deliveries, timeliness and relevance a part of yours.

Your scale up ladder is waiting for online.

Want to know more about VA work and what it does to help you scale?

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