There is now an accepted norm in outsourcing that virtual assistants can do virtually any task, and can even do jobs for digital teams. Any company involved in employing virtual assistants or online staffing always has an eye out for providing lucrative digital marketing services. 

Digital teams are considered the wave of the future, and are mostly deployed in online sales and marketing, CRM, lead generation, website design and development. The rising trend is for outsourced digital teams providing quality, efficient work for smaller and smaller businesses.

Scaling is organic to this kind of B2B relationship for what are actually small companies. Online resources enable the client business to scale with the services provided by outsourcers. These outsourcers can be freelance, or they can work for digital agencies providing pro rated packages for clients. 

Spinning Virtual Assistants into Digital Marketing is More Efficient

Say you start a business providing virtual assistants and their services. Your clients will expect them to do things like call handling and appointment setting. A special kind of assistant, the executive assistant, can do more. He or she can handle all your communications, including those in social media.

Integration and inclusion is already working for many, including SaaS companies, one of which provides social media integrations for SMBs. This is the latest and the best app for online assistants, and they can work on this as an inclusion to their tasks on any given day. 

App use is so much a part of the work environment these days. If your assistant is given access to the social media integration app, she’ll be able to handle your PPC on FB ads manager. Aside from this, content management systems are just as easy for VAs to handle. 

CMS like WordPress or Magento also provide CRM and sales platforms. While email marketing platforms are simple to understand and use. The important thing is access — once given, they only need quick on-the-job training in order to use any app or platform for tasks they provide clients. And added tasks are well within job description.

Looking for Answers?

At Smart Online Staff digital team solutions are already covered by virtual assistants. They can crossover into digital marketing if clients need them working out things like SEO or email campaigns. 

The thing is to make your assistant smarter and upskilled — and she will definitely find it a good thing for her resume. Training that is free or covered within the office system means that an assistant will become more marketable if handling digital marketing work. 

If you want solutions that are tailor-made for your business in terms of online staffing and outsourced VAs, you can talk to a Smart Online Staff expert any time. Just call or email for what could be the perfect answer to your outsourcing needs.