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Welcome to the Smart Online Staff business website.

Smart Online Staff is a virtual staffing solutions firm owned by SOHO Smart Outsourcing, Inc., and abides by the legal regulations that apply to website use that pertains to its business. It operates and maintains the domain name smartonlinestaff.com and its URLs or page locations.

User Agreement

By visiting and using our site, you accept the terms of use and conditional guidelines outlined in this document without qualification. These have been derived from various privacy and intellectual property laws applicable to Australia, the Philippines and the international community.

If you are not in agreement with any item in this document and the related items found in our Privacy Policy, please refrain from using or visiting our website.

The following content found therein is covered by:

  1. intellectual property rights for trademarks like the company name, domain, logos and other unique identifying marks, which are exclusive to the use of and wholly owned by the company.
  2. copyright regulations for uniquely created text, graphic images, illustrations, videos, photos, designs, visual presentation, codes and other materials therein owned or licensed by the company.

You are not allowed to alter or commercially distribute the said content. You are not able to use intellectual property content for any personal purpose, except for publication or use in a distribution medium (i.e. website, social media, newspaper, television) in which case you need the formal, written consent of the company.

In the case of copyrighted material, simple attribution to the source (which includes our company name and, when applicable, title, author and date of publication on the site) allows you to quote concepts or ideas, use or share images, videos and other unique materials in a non-commercial manner. It is illegal to alter this content on the site itself.

As a user, we grant you the right to access our domain for study or information and for conducting any relevant business process on the site and with the company.

With this kind of use, you are considered a legitimate and legal user, potential client or client of Smart Online Staff and are therefore allowed free and discretionary use of the site and its content.

User Qualification

The acceptance of or agreement to the above terms and the occasional or continued use of or visits to our site is given to mean that the user is of legal age, with no illegal motive or purpose and, by these, able to work within the guidelines outlined by this document in a reasonably peaceful and friendly manner.

This is without prejudice, in any way, to gender, political affiliation, religious beliefs, physical or mental capacity, or race.

Site & Services Use

  1. Access and navigation is discretionary, depending on what you, the user, wants to read or see or prefers to access.
  2. The site allows you to learn what is necessary about the company, our business, contacts, policies, and promotions.
  3. You can subscribe to any number of materials or services as you deem necessary to promote your own business.
  4. Your personal information is needed to access those parts of the site which contain confidential business processes. This is to assure your interest and willing participation in such processes.
  5. The company reserves the right to maintain or exercise proprietary rights, discretion, and decisions of its management on the way content is made and operations are conducted in our website.
  6. Changes are made on any given occasion, without prior notice to anyone outside the company.
  7. All universal online protocols apply to your use, especially where marketing, advertising, distribution of information is concerned. These are your guides for proper use, without the company influencing, interfering with or intervening on your right to access.

Privacy Policy

A separate document addresses concerns about data privacy and security. See our Privacy Policy to be fully informed or updated.

Exceptions and Limits

We do not guarantee an error-free site, or one that cannot be breached by outside action. We and our third party providers cannot guarantee any relevance, accuracy of any information, performance or any content-related concern for any stated intent or purpose. We therefore categorically exclude ourselves and third party services or product providers from liability in these terms.

It is a given that users understand how they access or use our site at their own discretion, whether or not this entails any risk or cause alleged damage or loss, and therefore frees the company from liability resulting in the use of the site.

Smart Online Staff may provide links to other websites when we consider you may be interested in the content on those sites. This in no way constitutes an endorsement of those sites or their content and Smart Online Staff has no control over the conduct of the companies or organisations operating those sites.


The company prohibits, in no particular order, the following on its site:

  1. Spamming;
  2. Impersonating of persons related to legal entities and acting for these entities;
  3. Misinformation or the use of false information;
  4. Misrepresentation;
  5. Any action that leads to information theft, including phishing and other means online;
  6. Swindling;
  7. Forgery;
  8. Aliases used in contacts like email addresses or falsified contacts;
  9. Persons transacting business as fronts for other companies, legitimate or not;
  10. Copyright infringement;
  11. Unauthorised sharing or use of trademarks;
  12. Site abuse;
  13. Unauthorised or illegal access to confidential parts of the site;
  14. Transmittal of viruses, Trojans and the use of similar illegal online devices, apps, coding or tools;
  15. Profanity;
  16. Threats and any form of coercion or intimidation;
  17. Libel;
  18. Pornography;
  19. Scandalous behavior;
  20. Solicitations of any kind.

We reserve the right to define the above actions according to proper legal forms and forums as well as how these actions can be legally interpreted as disrespectful and harmful to the company, for our own protection and the protection of legitimate clients or visitors; and to litigate for damages or file a case for criminal offence/s when and if we find any one or a number of these prohibited actions have occurred in relation to any user or site visitor.

All litigation or court trials and dates will be set in accordance to the applicable Australian laws and judicial locations, barring which any proper location may be agreed upon with the applicable set of laws.

Legitimate site visitors have a right to report any of these incidents through proper company channels.

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