We Start With A Smart Place

Hiring smart VAs is strategically done best in places like Cebu City, which has a large, experienced VA workforce. We have created our own unique formula for online staffing, rate, and it runs through our company DNA.

Smart solutions mean we absolutely do not believe in lock-in contracts and give an immediate twenty-five percent discount on a minimum three-month contract with customers. You can hire part-time specialists for technical projects or employ VAs for long term, regular work for areas like admin and CRM.

Smart solutions mean that we will be with you every step of the way in hiring and employment of a virtual staff.

Smart Online solutions mean a strong client-employee relationship in remote settings, going the extra mile to achieve your objectives, whether for scaling, streamlining, or transforming your business for the 21st century.

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Fields And Specialties

Our menu of virtual services includes all possible positions in all leading service disciplines and more. We can provide your extraordinary or unique project specialists, too.

Admin Support

Project Coordinators
Virtual Assistants
Virtual Receptionists
Operations Managers
Executive Assistants
Data Entry Specialists
Transcription Specialists

Call Centre Services

Chat Support Specialists
Email Support Specialists
Sales Coordinators
Technical Support Specialists
Digital Marketers
Customer Service Specialists

Knowledge Services

Accounting Support Specialists
Legal Secretaries
Finance Specialists
Accounts & Credit Specialists
Funding Specialists

IT Services

Managed IT Services Specialists
On Demand IT Services Specialists
Software Developers
Web Developers
Mobile App Developers
Web Content Specialists

Marketing Services

Marketing Assistants
SEO Specialists
Content Writers
Social Media Specialists
Paid Media Specialists
Content Moderators

Network Services

Network Admin Specialists
Operating System Specialists
Network Security Specialists
Network Setup Specialists
Computer Repair Specialists
Computer Engineers
Phone Network Technicians

Creative Digital/IT Services

Multimedia Design Experts
Web Designers
Graphic Designers
Video Editors
2D/3D Animation Specialists
Design Coordinators

HR Services

Recruitment Officers
HR Specialists
Personnel Officers
Compliance Experts
Payroll Specialists
Comp/Ben Officers
Engagement Specialists

The Process

After you fill in the hiring form, negotiations start, and this goes on through evaluation and planning, until the optimised service contract forms up, is added to, subtracted from, tweaked and finally comes out in its final form.

Evaluating Your Business

We evaluate your business processes or systems first to determine which part of your business needs improvement and to implement changes that can help you speed up growth through hiring a VA. Our goal here is to save you time and costs so you can focus on scaling your business.

Hiring Ideal Candidates

Our job in hiring is to lay the groundwork for a short list of ideal candidates. Based on your needs and the results of the evaluation and the strategic plan, we will know how to process potential hires, so that you get ideal personnel who provide regular, reliable work.

Strategy Planning

Almost right off the bat, we start to plan your strategy. How your business should work with VAs: their onboarding, training and deployment; communications; workflows inclusive of overtime and multi-tasking; and how all these can best address your bottomline and turnaround times.

Meeting Your Goals

After your VA team is up and running, our job now is to make sure your goals are met through monitoring, whether strategies are implemented, deadlines are met, or when you need to make adjustments so the VA work is even more enhanced with regards to your business objectives.

Build A Solid Operational System

Throughout the important process of knowing how things fit and work in your system, always consider Smart Online Staff, your offshore VA services provider, as a keystone in your operations, a partner unit which has your interests at heart in a practical, contract-based way. Never hesitate to ask for better things if you feel you need to, because we consider it part of our job to improve outcomes for you.
Documenting all processes related to finding and hiring VAs is important for purposes both routine and extraordinary. You also need to develop the skill to make great job descriptions, which needs balance and creativity. Also, incorporating offshore employees into your home operations will take learning, experience and the patience to carry it off. Always be flexible, because this can add to your bottomline.

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