A Unique and Ultimately More Effective Business Viewpoint

We have a unique viewpoint when it comes to the VA industry as it applies in the Philippines and Australia. Before anything else, Smart Online Staff did careful studies of how others performed and the many directions they took. The company crew, from the CEO to specialists have played specific working roles during the development of the industry.

We know what works and what doesn’t, simply put. While we take our hats off to other companies who have gone before us and take pointers from them, what we have devised is our very own system. This system is built for speed where necessary. It finds the best ways for VAs to be placed where they are most effective for clients.

By preference, experience and commitment, we think it best to work with startups or smaller businesses (boutique agencies for instance) with services and products that are redefining the role of business and industries in the 21st century. Of course, we can help SMEs in traditional fields recreate their systems with the latest work processes, and that is part of our commitment.

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What We Assure You Will Get


Guaranteed Savings on Cost

Client savings is the golden mean in our business and that is our bottomline, and one reason this industry is in demand and has changed the modern business process

Reliable Hardware & Connectivity

We use the latest generation, powerful computers & excellent storage systems; high-speed network connections guarantee seamless communication

Safeguarding Data And Privacy

We strictly implement compliance and security protocols, using monitoring apps so that your data is private and secure

Finding Resources to Scale.

Given that no two sets of client needs are alike, we’ll be on constant lookout for items to fit your needs in scaling your business

Well-documented Work Systems.

We practice proper documentation, from routine tasks to special projects, to review and improve our system and yours

Achieve Work-Life Balance

Our services designed to help you address all the routine, time-consuming tasks you used to do yourself at times. We guarantee you’ll have more time for vacations

Results-oriented Practice.

From the start, our goal will be how to achieve results for you and deliver them as scheduled, even guaranteeing we exceed your expectations when needed

Reliable, Qualified Professionals.

With a foolproof process for making the best hires, we guarantee the effectiveness and commitment of VAs you hire for longer, stable employment

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