If you are planning to onboard a virtual assistant hire for your business, you are right in thinking the work related to AI but its work with feet on the ground. When it comes to basics, your VA should know how to take the first steps, to self-start and to run a ship-shape virtual desk. 

There might be no physical desk at all, but a desk remains one of those things that essentially defines any kind of office work, whether physical or online. Take some time to give your VA some leeway in preliminaries, then monitor how those basic elements are present and effective in the work.

Once you know these are all there and working properly, then you know, at the very least, that your hire can stand the work and can deliver on basics. In back office work, that is something vital, and this is a foundation for good business. However, back office work can be done remotely, with much better results, if your VA fits in well. There are proven ways of doing this.

Best Practice Tips in Onboarding

Have a heart-to-heart talk with your VA. This means knowing what makes him or her tick personally and making adjustments for it. Never forget that the VA represents the necessary human dimension in modern office work.

  1. Get your virtual assistant preferred apps. With the myriad of software available, getting your VA familiar and trusted apps will always improve efficiency and turnaround times.
  2. Have a monitoring and report process that has complete, reliable details but doesn’t require too much time or will inconvenience your virtual assistant
  3. Make your communication part of the above process to further improve efficiency and employee engagement. Make use of email chat functions and the like — so that you have a more personalised way of talking to your VA.
  4. Make your VA feel at home or a real part of your company, because he or she will be, and the remote barrier should be the first thing breached in this kind of employer-employee relationship.

Things to Avoid Before Onboarding to Make the Process Work

  1. Don’t hire a VA with a too large language and cultural gap.
  2. Don’t hire anyone who is a beginner in online remote work.
  3. Avoid misunderstanding or engagement problems by providing clear, uncomplicated and humane rules, and benefits that are above average in the location your VA lives in.

The Filipino VA: a Smart Online Staff Specialty

Smart Online Staff works with Filipinos who live in Cebu exclusively. The Philippines competes with India as the number one outsourcing or remote destination for companies all over the world. Cebu City has the talent pool and facilities that can outdistance the best Indian outsourcing destinations.

We know that the Filipino VA can and will:

  1. Work hard and will often go the extra mile for you.
  2. Be optimistic and see opportunity and solutions in problem situations.
  3. Be loyal to your company, brand or office.
  4. Be proficient in English, typically at college level of use.
  5. Be globally competitive and can upskill as needed.

For the best VA solutions in outsourcing, come to us. Talk to an expert by contacting us today.