If you want your SME to punch above its weight or complete in a field where biggies and many other players belong, the best way to go is weigh in with good digital marketing. This needs not only technical savvy but a wide range of experience on applications. Think A/B testing on a wider base that relates to your direct, daily experience in business.

To help you get to a useful, hands-on level of understanding of how digital marketing works, here are basic steps to take: 

  1. 1. Create social media accounts and study their features, especially marketing processes like ads creation. 
  2. 2. Make use of free user accounts or 30-day free trials for studying how marketing software like Hootsuite or Mailchimp work, simply to know how to navigate, create with and use them. 
  3. 3. Understand CRM and how it works in content management. Again, there are free user accounts that help you understand how to use them. 
  4. 4. Always do research on all the parlance, because these are essentials on technical stuff you need to know. Pace your research to not overdose on information, and keep the most helpful sites organised in your bookmarks. 
  5. 5. Those links become your reference library. Never loose step on wherever you are in your study or research. You can immediately apply anything you learn with your social media and software accounts. 
  6. 6. If you are a beginner, all these works best with useful but expendable email accounts and websites run with content management systems like WordPress — you can recycle and reuse these later on.
  7. 7. Pick the tech you think will fit your business and follow short, effective timelines for:  a.) pure study, b.) limited application on your business and c.) advanced and profit-making application

Good Reasons to Outsource Expertise and Business Application in Digital Marketing

Once you know the essentials of digital marketing work, then you are ready to shop around for the marketers or marketing agencies that provide effective and efficient work, give you an edge on savings. Remember, for this article, you are a theoretical SME that wants to punch above your weight, which is entirely doable with digital marketing. 

Low overhead but impressive digital performance is the thing for small businesses. You can take it one step further by outsourcing in an offshore but conveniently located destination. Good agencies offshore keep the turnarounds short. This is a really pleasant surprise, a way for these agencies to compete as an SME.

So, you not only get great work from these but empathy, too, because they are typically SMEs like you.

Digital marketers, despite their tech orientation, actually operate as reliable back office support when outsourced. So what you ultimately have is a highly streamlined local operation able to maximise on local markets while accessible or receptive to a much larger national or international audience.

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