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    How to Hire Online Staff for Small Business

    You don’t have to be a big company to get quality work from online staff. In fact, there are major advantages to online staffing if you are on the small to medium enterprise range. Advantages that bigger companies are not able to put to work for themselves.

    We can show you how to effectively hire outsourced Virtual Assistants, social media managers, graphic designers, bookkeepers, accountants, digital marketing specialists, web developers, SEO content specialists, production managers, executive assistants and more.

    Start off by trying out our free process for hiring VAs and virtual team specialists. Normally, this would cost you around $500. We guarantee several things: you save money; you can do more with a smaller budget; and will be able to use online resources more effectively.

    About the Founder

    Nathan Miller

    Managing Director of Smart Online Staff

    It is a prevailing sign of the times that people flock online to find what they want. It’s no wonder that Smart Online founder Nathan Miller, with sixteen years of experience managing virtual staff in the Philippines, saw how this work system could really take off in Australia. His online experience also includes the creation and running of a successful business website for on hold messaging, plus he has a deep and abiding interest in all things related to phone systems and the Internet. His operating philosophy for Smart Online was easy for him to outline. It runs this way: to be an affordable, no-nonsense managed virtual services firm helping all kinds of small Australian businesses make quick and lasting progress.

    3 Important Things You Should Consider When Looking to Hire VAs



    Know which skills you need help with from VAs. These may be in digital marketing, research, web management, or customer service. Skills which do not need your employees to be in a physical office you manage. These are all doable online, with computers and apps.


    Work Schedule

    When looking at hiring a VA, it is best to work with them during AU work hours. VAs that are able to work on your time 8 hours a day. We see productive hours when we are able to work simultaneously with them.



    Your VAs should be effective native English speakers. This also means they are culturally aware as well, plus they should know all the standard apps necessary for doing remote tasks, giving you reliable input like regular reports.

    Latest Virtual Assistants / Remote Staff I've Hired

    content writer at smart online staff

    Victor Padilla

    SMM/SEO Content Specialist
    customer service specialist at smart online staff

    Gintoned Lasola

    Virtual Assistant/Customer Service
    production manager at smart online staff

    June Siacor-Tojeno

    Production Manager/Customer Care
    admin manager at smart online staff

    Missy Ortizano

    Accounts Admin/Ops Manager

    The top end staffers featured have been joined by more virtual staff members. The team can multi-task and do all-around work with various online and technical skills. They can work singly on his or her particular field or specialty and group together to complete project objectives within schedule.

    What We Do

    With world-class outsourcing experience of 16 years and counting, we are focused on delivering outstanding outsourcing results to small business owners, startups, and businesses with legacy systems who want to upgrade with online resources.

    Founder and managing director Nathan Miller has taken great care in studying the most effective work systems in a beautifully set up offshore BPO location. This gem is Cebu, the Philippines, a centrally located island with a large and well-run BPO industry. It has world class online and physical infrastructure, a talent pool to go with it, and an open and friendly culture.

    We’ll take care of all the day to day and long term details of virtual staff engagement for you. You hire virtual staffers on our platform, pay an affordable flat fee or lifetime budget for projects or regular work. The work we provide will be solid support for your progress in business essentials: core work and business, scaling and productivity strategies, capitalisation and expanding the scope of your company.

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