the dos and donts of managing online staffing outsource

Growing Pains: Do’s and Dont’s in Managing Online Staffing Outsource

News January 21, 2020

So here we are at a crucial junction in our, so far, short but not unhappy life managing online staffing for Smart Online Staff. Everyone knows how this field is the wave of the future, the cat’s meow for firms migrating online, for companies who are competing in the brave new world of 21st-century marketing. …

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Talented, remote professionals and how to attract and retain them

How to Employ and Retain Top Flight Remote Professionals

News September 5, 2019

To train and retain personnel according to your brand is basic — but how do you attract or retain top flight remote professionals? Keeping them loyal is doubly harder because they compete in an open and highly flexible market. There are so many lures that make it hard to establish loyalty with these pros, and …

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